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About Us

The Saptarushi Charitable Trust is Inaugurated During 07-07-2009.
The Main Intention Behind Establishingthe Saptarushi Veda Pathashala is to see that the coming Generation children will learn the veda and its values as veda is the base for our life. He wants to see the Indian Culture and its values are followed by Every Indian. The Guru-Shishya Parampara should be continued by everyone and the guru should have a qualification and the right Disciplined Shishyas should be brought up to make our country a vedic parampara country. With that pure and true intention to serve vedas he also Started to Inaugurate the Veda Dinotsav, The Great Respect to Vedas and the veda pandits.

The founder Chairman Sri Madhav Sarma Doesn’t Want to restrict himself to the services for veda. he also started social activities to help and serve people in all ways. he started with Veda Pathashala, Mahabhogam, daiva-Pitru-Manushya Yagnayam, Vidya Siddhirbhavathi, Aarogya Siddhi, Saptarushi Seva samoham and tha veda Dinotsav.

The Ultimate aim in inaugurating the saptarushi Veda pathashala is to bring world-wide recognition of vedas and all peopleshould follow our indian Culture,
Customs and all people should follow our Indian Culture,
customs and know basic mantras for everyday happiness and healthy life. and the same way this veda pathashala should also be recognised for its services to veda.

Dharmo Viswasya jagatah Prathishta

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Saptarushi Veda Smartha Samskruta Patasala
Sri Ram Nagar, Peddagollala

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9:30 - 11:30am
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