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We conduct medical camps (medical check-up,getting x-ray,scan etc).free of cost to the people in remote places where they cannot afford to get minimum basic medical facilities.

We do help the poor who cannot afford to get any God related puja/homam/yagnyam.
We also do online service for these god related occasions who cannot come to our Veda Pathashala and get puja and other activities done.

Gavo rakshati rakshitah We, The Saptarushi Vharitable Trust is also maintaining Goshala. We provide food and shelter to cows also. The cows are prayed and Go-pooja is done daily as a religious custom as they say Gomatha is equal to Mother.

People of our Trust will go and serve tasty and healthy food for truly on daily basis in several places free of cost & We support and provide self employment by asking them to sell food at sell food at very low cost at several places by giving them profit margin at a fixed rate daily opportunity to those who seeks to be employed

Giving a helping hand to the human in need service and who need help for any self employment we do give help to those people also. And giving financial help to people for their good and bad karmas.

We do help the financially poor who need support either by money or thing or service like who need money or other assistance for any death related ceremonies.

Vidya daanam sarvadhana pradhanam. There are children who are willing to get education but are financially poor,and cannot afford to buy books,pay school fee etc.

We organize spiritual camps in different villages for bringing awareness in the people about the way they have to follow our puja and customs,

The Saptarushi Veda Smartha Paathasaal was established with an aim to teach Veda to as many students as possible.

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